Handi-Camp 2016!!!

We ARE “Limitless”!!  This camp year we are going to talk about how God made us with potential and a perfect plan…with him ALL things are possible!  Can’t wait to share with all of you!!!  The 2016 schedule is up and can be found here!  The online links to registration forms will be uploaded soon, or you can call the home office and get yours mailed to you.  812/945-4117

A Power Car Wash!!

This summer has been super rainy!! All the rain has led to MUD!image! Have no fear!!!! Power Ministries has a team that will clean you up!! Come out and see us! Bring all you vehicles! Bring us a FLEET!! And spread the word!!!!

Advanced Auto Parts
GrantLine Road
New Albany
Saturday, July 25th
($5 minimum donation)



You may have noticed that we had some rain Saturday! It was the first time that we have ever had to reschedule the Power Ride Bike Run! BUT, when a tropical storm hovers over the area, you make new plans!  This Saturday, June 27th is the NEW big day!!! We hope you can join us!! If you’d like to know additional details, please call Joe at 502/641-2631  If you aren’t able to join us this weekend, we’d love it if you would join us in praying over the day, and spreading the word!

And have a look at a couple of our door prizes!!!!!  Don’t miss out on the fun!!!

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New ‘Power’ for Power Ministries

Six years ago we purchased our current Van, aka “Daisy-Belle,” The chain of events leading to the purchase, while seemingly ironic, was all God-inspired, and His timing perfect!  She’s given us a great run! From Indiana, she’s made multiple trips to Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Florida and Tennessee! She’s helped us bless hundreds of campers each year, and spread the good news of Christ Jesus and the mission of Power Ministries.  She’s acquired some bumps and bruises along the way but, with proper care & maintenance, always got us to our destination safely. Now though, because of age and many miles clocked, the repairs required to keep her on the road would be numerous and costly.

Now, we’re faced with a new set of circumstances, and we need to act quickly as the 2015 Handi-Camp season is upon us. We’ve researched our options, and set our goal to purchase a “pre-owned” vehicle, with a ‘best case’ scenario in mind. Whether traveling to Handi-Camps & HIS Time events, conventions or promotional events, we’ll be tightly packed with luggage for up to four people, and vital supplies to meet the needs of those events and the people participating.

With that in mind, we’re looking at acquiring a Ford “Transit Connect Wagon;” downsizing to a van that represents a “crossover” between the “mini-van” class (too small) and our current 25 year-old van…full-size, on a 3/4 ton truck chassis/big 350 CID V-8 engine (too big). The Ford Transit, with long wheel-base, higher cargo & passenger area, 4-cyl. engine & 6-speed auto transmission will provide far greater economy; empowering us to continue to share the unconditional love of Christ to teens & adults with disabilities, while preparing College Interns & other volunteer workers to be the hands & feet of Christ for these people.

We challenge you to keep us out there. And, we agree that don’t need a brand-new van. So, with that in mind, it will take, conservatively, $30,000 to get us into the pre-owned van that we need. Please keep us out there ministering to a people-group aptly identified as “God’s forgotten people.” You know they are. As “Robin” shared with us years ago, “Until I came to this Power Ministries camp, I didn’t know what real love was. These people really care about me, with the love of Jesus. My “buddy” really knows Him. And, now I know Him, and I love Him.”

Please keep us out there…empower us to serve these hidden & forgotten people.


Two College Interns Join PM for Summer 2015!

Join us in welcoming the newest members of our Summer Team for 2015, Gabrielle and Amy. “Gabi” has worked with us for several years at quite a number of Handi-Camps. She’s now a Home School grad, studying at Ivy Tech Community College. Amy is studying at the University of Kentucky, majoring in the Special Needs area. Both will join us in May, as they finish their Spring Term.

Both are quite excited about what God has in store for us, as a team, as we get into the frenetic pace that the summer brings…with the majority of the Handi-Camps being scheduled during the summer months, our 3 major benefit events, a Special Needs Prom event, the summer HIS Time events…including the annual HIS Time Picnic, and the overall increased activity at the Power House.

Our theme for 2015 is wrapped up in one word, “Speak;” with our theme song being, “Word of God, Speak” (by: Mercy Me). We’re both excited and, at the same time, overwhelmed with such a theme. God’s Word, the Bible, gives us all of the info, inspiration, and framework that we need to put together the Handi-Campers’ Journal, and other program components. The challenge will be in packing it all in to time allotted for each summer program.

So…we invite you to join us in serving for a session (or two…or more). Camper registrations are coming in earlier than usual this year, along with workers that have served with us in the past. Stop by our website, check out the schedule, get a registration form to fill out, and get on the roster for a Handi-Camp…or more.

And, join us in praying that we are attentive to God’s guidance. Because we are part of the human race, we can easily cave in to the, “Take Charge!!” attitude that so permeates our culture; that we must make all choices, establish boundaries, guide, lead, dictate the course of every action, follow detailed plans of action…and generally become infuriated or anxious beyond words if doesn’t all go as we plan or anticipate. However…the Word of God doesn’t speak in support of such a cultural imperative. In all of our “busy-ness,” I can quickly lose sight of the wisdom in words like, “Be still and know…” — “Submit your plans to Me…” — “Take my yoke upon you…” — “Ask, and it shall be given…” — and fundamental  to all of those guiding principles: “Follow me…”

Thanks, in advance, for lifting us up. And, we’ll enjoy hearing from you.