Helping People with Disabilities Find New Purpose in Life

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to serve in a “Handi-Camp” take a few minutes and read what it’s all about.

In its history of more than 30 years, the Handi-Camp program has served campers as young as six years old, and those as young as 92 years of age…serving those with a single mild disability, and those with multiple and severe disabilities…those requiring minimal day to care, and those requiring total care.

To provide the most fun and rewarding experience, we strive to provide a one to one ratio of volunteer workers to campers; not just caring for them, but truly caring about them.

Power Ministries partners with Christian Camps, using their facilities, throughout a multi-state area to conduct the Handi-Camp program. Those camps are not all “fully accessible,” and that’s OK. We are more concerned about “adaptability” than “accessibility.” The number one concern is the opportunity to minister to all who come.

Handi-Camps 2014 will see participants digging into the rich history behind the characters found in the New Testament. “Following… in the Light” tracks the missions work of several people Jesus gave a special mission to, and how they carried it out. Learn how we can carry out our own special, God ordained missions.

In 2013, we celebrated 30 years of service in Disability Ministry. In the next 30 years, we’ll continue to expand and improve the Handi-Camp program, and continue to follow wherever God leads.


A Typical Day at Handi-Camp

“Rise ‘n Shine!”: Each day begins at 7:30 AM. Buddies help campers shower & such, then “Head for Breakfast!”

Personal Devotion: Power Ministries provides a devotional journal for campers and buddies to share together during that time.

Morning Worship & Praise: A high energy favorite time for nearly all campers.

Triple Rotation Activities: Where the campers get with their teams and go to class, craft & recreation sessions. These activities go on simultaneously in three different areas, moving the campers from one area to the next at the appropriate time.

“Dig into Lunch”

Followed by an essential time of rest & relaxation…then…

Recreation Options!: Campers look forward to a variety of recreation options, the most popular being swimming.

“Super Supper”

End of Day Activities: Sometimes it’s a big production; then, on to snack time, followed by campfire. Activities at each camp are as unique as the camps where they take place.

Prayer: Concludes everything before campers go off to bed.

For additional information contact us at Power Ministries at 812-945-4117.


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