Download the necessary registration forms, print out as many copies as you need!  Once you have completed the forms (complete in INK please), mail them to:
Power Ministries
PO Box 6706
New Albany, IN

To register a camper for Handi-Camp, download:
Camper Application — 2017

To register an intern for the Summer Internship program, download: Intern Application–2017

To register a volunteer for Handi-Camp, download:
Volunteer Application — 2017


3 thoughts on “Register”

  1. My daughters occupational therapist sent an application for the marsh creek handicamp home with her from school and said she’s heard great things. I’ve been looking for a camp for her or three years now. I found kne through Easter seals but she has to bring someone with her to help care for her that is a non parent and it’s not a Christian camp. I grew up going to Christian camps and then being a counselor for three years during college and it was always an amazing experience. I would love her to have that same experience. Can she come without having to bring someone with her? She would need one on one in the pool. She loves to swim! And during meals. She has a feeding at night. She is also in a power wheelchair and cannot walk. All of these things have been hindrance to finding a camp. It makes me sad for her to no be able to experience camp like I did. If someone could contact me I would appreciate it. Thanks 🙂

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