Stepping Out

By: Joe, former Power Ministries Board Member
Written while devoting a year of full-time service to Power Ministries

It’s been almost a year since I joined the Team here at Power Ministries. Reflecting back on those days, I see a difference in myself in a couple of ways.

One, moving from the industrial sales world to working with the disabled community has given ma new outlook on life. It is a place of light, a place of truth, and a place of love. It is a place that confronts me with the fact that truly accepting their love, their vision of life, and their truthfulness is often much harder than giving it. Some of us, who consider ourselves “normal” have difficulty seeing their sometimes simple view of life. But, in reality, don’t we dream of that life?

I arrived at White Mills Christian Camp for the last Handi-Camp session. Several campers came up to me, giving me a big hug and telling me that they loved me and missed me. These are people I hadn’t met until June of this year, but they remembered my name, what we talked about, and asked questions about my summer. These new friends were sincerely interested in me. Those “Handi-Campers” have taught me not to take life so seriously, and to enjoy the day that the Lord has given me. Their life reflects a simple and genuine caring attitude. They truly “trust in the Lord.”

Second, it’s always a challenge to change careers after doing the same thing for more than 25 years. But, it’s the best thing I ever did. So many times, we get into ruts and think that we can’t get out. Usually the walls of those ruts are money, future security, family, the unknown, little faith, etc…I think you get the idea. It’s what comprised mine.

I just recently heard this saying from a minister, “We need to find our comfort zone in life, and then stay out of it.” That’s what I was trying to do for those 25 years, always trying to change something in my life to make it more comfortable. Some of us get to a point in life and ask ourselves, “What can I do to make a difference?” That’s where I was when I decided to leave the industrial sales world. But, in reality, I haven’t “made” that much difference. The difference is in me.

I thank the Lord for pushing me out of my comfort zone. Working with the staff at Power Ministries, and meeting so many great Handi-Campers has moved me to a new “zone;” the “Lord’s Zone.” I challenge those who are still in the “ruts,” to look outside of those and consider the opportunities that are available for serving with Power Ministries. You may not find yourself working full-time in a ministry, but the work of the Lord is waiting for you. He started the work and then left the real challenges to be met by us.

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