Volunteer Service:
The minimum age for volunteers is 14, unless, at a younger age, recommended by a youth pastor or recommending adult who will contact Power Ministries.

Volunteer workers will serve as a “buddy” to campers, and must be prepared to not just “care for” campers, but truly “caring about” the campers. Training is provided prior to each Handi-Camp session, which all volunteers must attend; whether first time volunteers, or those with prior experience.

The College Internship Program:
The College Internship program provides an opportunity for students to be directly involved in Disability Ministry. Each summer, up to five interns are selected. In recent years, those students have come from various colleges and universities; majoring in such areas as Speech Pathology, Special Education, Elementary Education, Ministries and Music. Many have returned on succeeding years to serve more than one internship.

As an initial qualification, a student must have completed at least one year of college in good academic standing. Such an internship provides a tremendous practical learning experience for those preparing for disabilities-related careers. However, many have chosen to undertake such an opportunity for the unique challenge that it represents.

Comprehensive training is provided in the weeks prior to the start of the internship program. Training sessions focus on the two phases of internship activity, Handi-Camp experiences in which Interns work directly with persons with disabilities; and day to day work at the Power House (Power Ministries Headquarters).

While away from the Handi-Camp setting, Interns will be instructed and challenged to take on additional responsibilities, such as client database management, contacting campers & their care providers, working with disabled people in the community, developing curricular programs for upcoming Handi-Camps, and other tasks related to the overall outreach of Power Ministries.

And, Interns will serve in the community-based program, “HIS Time,” which meets monthly to provide worship and activity programs for people with disabilities in the local community.


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  1. hi. i am going to volunteer this year. this is my first time, but my sister Anna Vessels has gone a couple times. she is coming with me. i love helping people and just wanted to do something with my love for helping people. 🙂

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