A Phone Call to Power Ministries

“Good afternoon, Power Ministries.”

“Hello, is this the Power Ministries that helps disabled kids?”

“Yes, it sure is.”

“Your ministry has just got to be the answer to many years of prayers! You see, I have a set of twin 13-year-old boys. One is what you would call perfectly healthy, or ‘abled’. For the past eight years he has spent part of his summer at Church Camp. But, my other boy has Cerebral Palsy. And, every summer he stands with me in the driveway, tears streaming down his face, waving good-bye to his brother as he heads off for a week of camp. Then, for the next few days, I have to explain as gently as I can that, ‘they just don’t have Church Camps for boys like you’, to this bundle of innocence and energy. Is it…is it true? Do you have a Church Camp for my disabled son?

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